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Welcome to Soul Society - We are now recruting - Please find EPGP information on the (Raid Section) with Guides for ToC (10 & 25 Player) and Yogg-Saron -

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 Welcome to Soul Society

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PostSubject: Welcome to Soul Society   Mon May 18, 2009 12:20 pm

Who are Soul Society:
I will not go into detail here, as none would be interested in reading this; so it will be short.
Soul Society is a guild made back in 2006 and is a good, raiding, social and friendly guild wich still can offer good quality end-game raiding. Our main goal is to have fun; but we do also find fighting new encounters and slaying big monsters while drinking beer/wine and having a good time on Teamspeak as the best time you can have in WoW. We are not aiming to be one of the most hardcore guild; as we all know IRL>WoW - and this has always been an important thing for us. This is maybe also the reason we are still going strong.

When are we raiding:
Monday and Thursday from around 19:30 til 23:30 and Sunday 19:00 til 23:30.

Guild rules: (all members)
- No insulting harassment either in guild-chat, trade, general or other places where your actions can either sort guild members or put a bad name on the guild. (remember there is a short line between mocking and being a ***hole).
- Remember you are wearing the "Soul society" brand, make your self worth it; we are all mature and nice people.
- We love to have a lough on TS and in gchat. Be mature and you need to be able to take a joke.
- In general: Act like a normal mature person, and have a lough and you will be fine.

Guild rules: (raiding members)
- Be online before raid start
- Remember to be prepared and ready (repeir, bring things that are needed, read tactics etc)
- If you need to leave early a raid, remember to tell an officer as soon as you know so we can work it out.
- Accept or decline all raids we post on ingame calendar. All raids you accept you need to attend.
- Again, if you for some reason can't join a raid - remember to go to calandar and DECLINE in. If possible also poke an officer. (You can also accept/decline through armory on the wow-website)
- Bring ur A-game every raid, have a lough; and understand there is no such things as free epics. Thus you need to be able to have whole evening on only whiping on the same boss over and over to work out the tactics. No leaving just becouse you don't like whiping.
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Welcome to Soul Society
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