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Welcome to Soul Society - We are now recruting - Please find EPGP information on the (Raid Section) with Guides for ToC (10 & 25 Player) and Yogg-Saron -

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 death knight, blood tank

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PostSubject: death knight, blood tank   Wed Sep 30, 2009 5:49 pm

IRL age:25

IRL Location (country):norway

Occupation(work/student/etc..): work

Class: death knight
Armory link: (with your mainspec gear)

If x-realm, why did you transfer to Balnazzar or left your old realm:

What quality is your offspec gear? 4k dps

Are you willing to respec when needed (as backup, not permanently)? yeah ofc

Raid experience in WotLK: Toc cleard, 5 bosses in uldar, naxx cleard, malygos cleard, voa cleard, ony cleard,
Raid experience preWotLK: none

Guild history with short explanation why you left your guild: fallen knights, fail guild, people dont show up to raids,

English skill (poor/average/excellent/native speaker): average
Do you own mic, and can you use it? yes
Do you have Teamspeak installed or can you install it? i have it

Why should Soul Society be interested in recruiting you, what can you bring to the guild? because I'm a funny guy, that I never give up, I always come to raids if I say i will come
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death knight, blood tank
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