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Welcome to Soul Society - We are now recruting - Please find EPGP information on the (Raid Section) with Guides for ToC (10 & 25 Player) and Yogg-Saron -

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 Darrqar - 80 Ret paladin

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PostSubject: Darrqar - 80 Ret paladin   Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:51 pm

IRL age:
IRL Location (country):
England, York
Student, I'm going to college atm.
Char: Darrqar
Class: Paladin
Spec: Retribution
Armory link: (with your mainspec gear)
If x-realm, why did you transfer to Balnazzar or left your old realm:
I used to be on Grim Batol, but x-realmed here a month or so ago with a mate.
What quality is your offspec gear?
Strangely enough my off-spec gear is actually better than my main spec (5/5 tier8 holy gear, I raided as holy until recently, but I prefer ret now).
Are you willing to respec when needed (as backup, not permanently)?
Raid experience in WotLK:
All content clear. I've raided with a few chars during wotlk. Everything but a few 25 man hardmodes I've cleared.
Raid experience preWotLK:
I raided with a Rogue during TBC with Carrion from your guild, he played a shaman at the time. We cleared most of black temple, he returned to his ally Rogue and I went on to clear up to Brutallus in SWP (post-nerf). I barely raided pre-bc, a few pugs but nothing more than that.

Guild history with short explanation why you left your guild:
I've only been in one guild since I came to this realm. Not really a proper guild or anything.. I was ninja invited after doing a heroic, and haven't really been online much. Like I say, I really had no intention of joining in the first place so. I was in a guild called Necessities before I came to Balnazzar. There I cleared ulduar on both difficulties, and did a fair few hard-modes. (I never got round to doing yogg-saron, however I have downed him on my Warrior, Requar).
English skill (poor/average/excellent/native speaker):
I'm am vary gud at engrish.
Do you own mic, and can you use it?
Yup and yup, only thing to mention is I've had a few problems in the past with other people on ventrilo using the same sound-card as me, it does tend to cause a ton of feedback that is pretty deafening.. Fine with everyone else though. I'm not entirely sure if it does it with TS, fingers crossed.
Do you have Teamspeak installed or can you install it?
Why should Soul Society be interested in recruiting you, what can you bring to the guild?
I'm a fun guy, quick learner, dedicated and pretty good at playing. I get my head down when needed and willing to help others out.
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PostSubject: Re: Darrqar - 80 Ret paladin   Fri Aug 21, 2009 3:40 am

another sweet application

Carrion was bigging you up yesterday

I'm happy to have you in guild with all your mates Very Happy

also you sound like a pretty damn good healer .. we may need you from time to time to play as healer but i'm sure you'll be ok with that ...
i'll speak to you tonight i think
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Darrqar - 80 Ret paladin
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