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Welcome to Soul Society - We are now recruting - Please find EPGP information on the (Raid Section) with Guides for ToC (10 & 25 Player) and Yogg-Saron -

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 Arduous - Frost Death Knight - Tank

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PostSubject: Arduous - Frost Death Knight - Tank   Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:04 pm

IRL age: 16

IRL Location (country): England

Occupation(work/student/etc..): Student

Char: Arduous
Class: Death Knight
Spec: Frost
Armory link: (with your mainspec gear)

If x-realm, why did you transfer to Balnazzar or left your old realm:
What quality is your offspec gear?
Pretty much all item level 200, so not great.

Are you willing to respec when needed (as backup, not permanently)?
Sure, why not, it's what dual spec is for.

Raid experience in WotLK: Naxx 10 man, 25 man; Offtank. VoA 10 man Offtank. 25man EoE DPS. 25/10 man OS offtank.
Raid experience preWotLK: N/A

Guild history with short explanation why you left your guild: Dark Pact, disbanded.

English skill (poor/average/excellent/native speaker): Native.
Do you own mic, and can you use it? Aye.
Do you have Teamspeak installed or can you install it? Yeaaah.

Why should Soul Society be interested in recruiting you, what can you bring to the guild?
Well, I'm a pretty active player, and it's rare that I'd turn down a raid. I'm pretty logical so I can learn from mistakes quite easily, once I've figured out exactly what I did wrong of course. I don't exactly have a bad sense of humor, so I hope if you do decide to recruit me, I'm sure we can all have an enjoyable time playing.
And I'll always do my best to make sure I know what's going on in boss fights before I attempt them.

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PostSubject: Re: Arduous - Frost Death Knight - Tank   Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:55 am

thanks for the application dave

we are quite populated in the DK department at the moment but we will consider your application

you may whisper me ingame if you wish to have a further chat about your application
i will be online tomorrow night (thursday)
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Arduous - Frost Death Knight - Tank
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